My name is Sr. Carolyn, and one of my greatest pleasures is having the opportunity to share the joy I find in my vocation with young women. A vocation to the Little Sisters of the Poor is a unique call from God to live for Him alone. As Little Sisters of the Poor, we care for the elderly poor in the spirit of humble service which we have received from Saint Jeanne Jugan. We welcome the elderly as we would Jesus Christ Himself and serve them with love and respect until God calls them to Himself.
If you think God might be calling you to give yourself totally to Him in the religious life, I’d love to accompany you along the discernment journey. For more information contact me, Sr. Carolyn, at (773) 484-8444 or by email at vcchicago@littlesistersofthepoor.org

Steps you might take in discerning whether God is calling you to follow Saint Jeanne Jugan as a Little Sister of the Poor:

  • Visit our national website and read more about our life and our mission of hospitality to the elderly poor
  • Arrange to visit us for a tour of the Home
  • Volunteer some of your time with the elderly

“Be kind, especially to the infirm. Love them well…Oh yes! Be kind,” was a piece of advice St. Jeanne Jugan passed on to the novices, and we strive to follow her maternal counsel in all our dealings with the elderly.